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Introducing the BYRNA BGR MAX (2 oz) - a powerful self-defense spray designed to provide optimal protection in critical situations. This industry-leading product offers a range of 8-10 ft and a continuous spray time of 15 seconds, ensuring you can fend off potential attackers effectively. With its oil-based formula, the BYRNA BGR MAX swiftly incapacitates assailants by targeting their central nervous system, impairing their vision, and causing respiratory distress. This superior self-defense spray comes equipped with a stream spray feature, maximizing stopping power while minimizing cross-contamination. Additionally, the included UV dye allows for easy identification of the perpetrator, lasting up to 48 hours for both law enforcement and the victim. The BYRNA BGR MAX is ideal for law enforcement professionals and individuals seeking reliable personal protection.

- Effective range of 8-10 ft, providing ample distance to neutralize threats
- Continuous spray time of 15 seconds ensures sufficient coverage during an altercation
- Incapacitates attackers by targeting their central nervous system, impairing vision, and causing respiratory distress
- Stream spray enables maximum stopping power and minimizes cross-contamination
- Attacker Tracker UV Dye allows for easy identification, benefiting both law enforcement and victims
- Oil-based formula for enhanced effectiveness

1. Reliable Protection: The BYRNA BGR MAX offers a robust and effective solution for personal protection, empowering users to feel secure in critical situations.
2. Extended Range: With an effective range of 8-10 ft, this self-defense spray allows users to maintain distance from potential attackers while incapacitating them effectively.
3. Swift Disruption: The BYRNA BGR MAX rapidly incapacitates assailants by targeting their central nervous system, impairing their vision, and causing respiratory distress.
4. Minimal Cross-Contamination: The stream spray feature reduces the risk of cross-contamination during use, ensuring maximum stopping power with precision.
5. Easy Identification: The Attacker Tracker UV Dye assists law enforcement and victims in quickly identifying the perpetrator, promoting accountability and facilitating legal action.

To use the BYRNA BGR MAX, simply remove the safety cap and point the canister towards the target. Press the nozzle firmly to activate the spray. Aim for the face and upper body for optimal effectiveness. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations regarding the use of self-defense sprays.

Quality Assurance:
The BYRNA BGR MAX is meticulously manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. Each canister contains 1.4 Major Capsaicinoids, the maximum amount allowed by law, ensuring superior defensive capability. Additionally, the included attachable clip allows for quick and convenient access on belts, backpacks, and purse straps.

Invest in your personal safety and security with the BYRNA BGR MAX. Order now and experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes with reliable self-defense protection. Note: Shipping restrictions apply (cannot be shipped to New York, Alaska, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Washington DC, Michigan, and New Jersey)